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Pizug Companion

Connect Tenants

In this page, you can set up a connection to your tenant. You can define as many tenants as you like, you can also define the same tenant multiple times with different tenant keys.

You can also reuse your credentials.

NEO Tenants

For NEO tenants, you can use S-users with basic auth credentials. Also you can set the hostname to the Web UI hostname of the Cloud Integration.

Cloud Foundry(CF) Tenants

For CF tenants you should create an instance and a service key for that instance.

Please refer to,

For the instance authorization configuration you can use roles like this:

    "grant-types": [
    "redirect-uris": [],
    "roles": [

If you want fine grained authorizations refer to this table:

When you create the Service Key, you will see a JSON like this:

  "oauth": {
    "clientid": "sb-abcd1234-ab12-ab12-ab12-abcd1234ab12!ab12345|it!ab1234",
    "clientsecret": "abcd1234-ab12-ab12-ab12-abcd1234ab12$aA_abcdef123456abcdef123456abcdef123456abcd=",
    "url": "",
    "createdate": "2023-07-17T16:39:46.446Z",
    "tokenurl": ""

For credential:

  • tokenurl will be used as it is in the credential.
  • clientid and clientsecret will be used.

For tenant:

  • url will be used, but you should only copy hostname like